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Rippin’ the new zephyr bong and syn ashcatcher

the many faces, starring myself.
A perfect day of hiking
Taken with my phone halfway underwater.  Very peaceful feeling
This kid right here.  Proud to call him my brother

Milky Chance - Stolen Dance (Album Version):


I spent this evening playing dumb card games and drinking to a made up drinking game to a show with the love of my life. On top of that we got a very nice dining room table that without the help of a kind stranger, we could not have gotten it home. Thanks to a kind soul that made our day, and thanks to a kind woman that has made my life complete.

"I just wanna go on more adventures. Be around good energy. Connect with people. Learn new things. Grow." - Kid Cudi (via luminiou-s)

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I’m excited. Scared shitless, but excited. 40 hours of driving to the city that will be my new home.


Internal Exploration.


{ Anubis by KokorodzasySu }
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